Friday, December 18, 2015

He's back!

Look at him, giving me the stare!
After this, he climbed along my window too
This cheeky squirrel was all over me this afternoon!  He took begging to new heights, in my opinion.

Could this be the same squirrel that jumped on my car hood in January (see post here) or visited my picnic table in August (see post here)?

All I know, is that today my sandwich was already eaten, so I had nothing to give this crazy squirrel. I do not agree with feeding wildlife (HA!  I feed stray cats, right?!?), but I would have tossed this guy something if I would have had it.  It's been a fairly mild winter so far, little squirrely, so I think you are doing okay.

Note to self: stash a bag of seeds in the console!  If I'm going to visit a park that is a squirrel heaven at lunch, I had better be prepared in the future.


  1. Hey, cats aren't wildlife - we're people! So it's very cool to feed us.

  2. What a stinker! We've got a few of those around our house (today's in point).

  3. That little pip. Maybe he reads this blog and thinks he could sneak home with you and become Chucky's twin!

  4. you are too sweet and he is hilarious!
    I would do the same!

  5. Oh my gosh, be careful. A couple weeks ago in our news they talked about an aggressive squirrel who was going around a neighborhood and actually attacked a man. Those things have claws and Big teeth. Your squirrel friend is pretty cute though!

  6. That squirrel is very brave, or should I say friendly :-) I wonder, too, if he is the same squirrel who showed up before!

  7. Ha! That cheeky squirrel is taking advantage of your kind nature!
    Mild winter here, too, so far and the squirrels are looking quite plump!

  8. Our mom thinks that is adorable and agrees with keeping seed or nuts in the car. Then again, she complains about how much our squirrels eat. And the raccoons. And the birds. And our one lone opossum. And, and, and...


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