Friday, August 7, 2020

Happy Birthday, David!

Just before the Covid-19 lockdown began for Michigan,
I was at the Detroit Institute of Arts and saw this photo:

"Dali Atomicus"
Photograph by Philippe Halsman

And, it reminded me of this photo:

David Duchovny ala Salvador Dali
Image found on the interwebs
I cannot find an attribution
Which then triggered my memory of this photo:

August, 2016
Me...standing next to David Duchovny!!!

Happy Birthday, David Duchovny!

Handsome, talented: an author, musician, and actor.

And...he likes cats!

(Or, at least the person who made that middle photograph did...)

So, now you know I'm a cat lover, a Sherlockian, AND an avid "The X-Files" TV show fan.

Who knows what other secrets I'll reveal to you before too long, eh?

Jigsaw Puzzle


  1. Very cool, we like that dude and since he likes cats we like hime even more!

  2. Woohoo! Lucky you ;-) The Human used to have quite the crush on Mr. Duchovny. So was he a nice guy???

  3. PS And how did you end up standing beside him?????

    1. Attended a Comic-con, and went with a bevy a X-Phile friends. I was calm and collected as we stood in line, but when actually standing next to ‘him’...I freaked out some! Weirdest emotional event EVER!!!

  4. Is it really his birthday? The truth is out there.

  5. Very cool! I want to know the answer to Spitty's question. Thanks for the puzzle, he is no Nic Cage, but he will do :) XO

    1. Sweet! He seems like he'd be genuinely nice. And the mention of Nic cracked me up. lol


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