21 August, 2022

Minuet and Smiles

Angel Minuet earned her wings.
Click on the image above to visit I Have Three Cats blog to express sympathy for this lovely oldster.

It is cool, rainy, humid, grey, and the news about Madame Minuet is sad.

Therefore, here are a few naughty cat memes and cartoons, to bring a wee smile to your faces.
All images copied from social media, and used only for entertainment purposes.



  1. That tuxedo kitty looks like my sweet angel Sally Cookie. These are all fun !
    We are sure Minuet is purring and wearing her new crown.

  2. We were sure sad to hear about sweet Minuet today. Love those funnies!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Minuet. She looks like my kind of girl kitty in her pajamas. I liked all your funnies but that last one is funniest because it's so very true.

  4. Such sad news about Minuet. Great bunch of funnies- especially what it looks like vs what it feels like. XO

  5. The chunky little mustached cat...and the queen watching her human. They made me chuckle.

  6. Dear Minuet lived a good long life. What a sweetie.
    Thanks for the giggles!!!!! Mum likes them a lot!
    Purrs, Julie

  7. I'm sorry for this loss. Thanks for the giggles as well as an opportunity to send condolences. Be well!

  8. I especially liked the bottom poster. I do oftentimes wonder what cats think about us taking care of their litter.

  9. I commented regarding this post, but it disappeared. Oh well. I like the bottom poster best. It reminds of of all the times I've wondered what, if anything, our cats think about us disposing of their pee and poo.

  10. I've left not one, but TWO comments to this post, and upon hitting "publish," they both disappeared, so my curiosity is such that I'm going to try a third time just to see if it goes through. Thank you for sharing the news of Minuet's death. As for the posters, like CCL Wendy, I prefer the last one, but, unlike CCL Wendy, I have no earthly idea what cats think about us cleaning their litter boxes, although I have most certainly wondered.

    Okay, third try, here goes.


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