01 May, 2014

The Cat Hotel is Open for Business!

The Cat Hotel
Second Floor, Two Suites (lid open)
Patty's after-lunch bath outside The Cat Hotel
Patty used it first, then Sammy, and today I just watched Mama Mia head into the first floor suite of the newly opened Cat Hotel!  Okay, it's not much to look at, and the punch list has yet to be completed, like edging around the door frames and such, but it's built solid as a rock!  Old Man Winter can bring all the snow, cold and blow he wants to, but my friendly ferals will be tucked up warm as a bug in a rug.

You see that we put silvery duct wrap all around the sides, and on the bottom.  I'll complete the floor/ceiling and the lid later.  I filled the three suites with straw too.  There are porches to use for lounging or as steps.  Once we know the 'o' cats are happy with it, we'll move it into it's permanent position, then remove the old, beat-up styrofoam shelters.  Somehow, I have to entice them to try out the smaller, upstairs suites too.  The idea of the T-divider is to have wind-breaks, like hallways, instead of flaps.  I've tried flaps before, and the cats refused to use them.
On another note, Chucky seems much better today.  Still don't know why he was feeling poorly enough to go 'high' while in the litter box, so I continue to monitor him closely.  He could have had a tummy ache, or his hip arthritis started acting up.  The weather changes around here have been extreme the last few days too (although no where near as bad as the states hit by bad storms, and we wish everyone affected gets the help they need to clean up afterward), and my old bones are feeling extra achey and sore too.

And lastly, again I ask for purrs for Amber, who is fighting now to keep infection at bay.  Her human parents have a new veterinarian that really seems to have a feel for keeping kitties on the mend.  Amber's sister Sugarbear is doing better on her new sequence of meds.
Sugarbear, looking sassy!
Amber, I'm wearing my special orange cat socks in your honor, and sending all the warm fuzzies I can to you in FL.


  1. Your Cat Hotel looks fantastic! And how great Patty, Sammy and Mia have already checked in :-) They will treasure this hotel!
    Glad Chucky seems better. Purrs to Amber and Sugarbear. She is cutie :-)

  2. Impressive hotel! I'm so glad the o' kitties have already used it.

  3. That is GREAT! I think it's only a matter of time before further exploration happens!

  4. What a fantastic hotel--I give it four stars! So wonderful those kitties will have a warm, safe place to be--and I think they'll probably explore the upper floor soon ;-) Your Humans are great Peeps!


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