05 May, 2014

Found in the garden

Sammy yesterday

Sammy in May 2010
It's been a bit cool, yet when the sun shines between scuds of rain, I get outside to enjoy.  The flower photos are from our yard, but I do not know what the first two are at all.  The top one has been appearing every spring since we've lived here for over 20 years, and the pinky/purply one just appeared out of nowhere.  The third photo is of narcissus and daffodils, but again I don't know what the little blue flowers are (they aren't violets).

Then there's Sammy.  He appeared in the garden in the Spring of 2010, and he was robust and MEAN!  Today, he's looking a bit scruffy, and he's incredibly wary of me.  I stroke his fur only when he's tucked himself under the wooden cover, and I have to make some crazy body contortions to reach him.  Hopefully, I will be able to get him to the vet's soon, and with a shot of medicine or something, he'll be feeling in tip-top shape to enjoy the summer!  He's got an open reservation at the Cat Hotel!


  1. Your flowers are very pretty. The first two kind of look similar to lily of the valley, but I don't know flowers so maybe not. But they are so pretty :-)
    Sammy was a mean kitty. Hahaha. He is so lucky to have shown up in your garden as he gets all the care from you and has room reserved at Cat Hotel for him :-)

  2. I believe the flowers in the first picture are scilla and the second picture are Virginia bluebells. I love any and all blue flowers!

  3. What pretty flowers. I wonder if they are tasty? Sammy's a lucky boy to have you taking care of him XOXOXO


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