27 May, 2014

Cats Everywhere

Falling Asleep
Beau?  Buddy?
I visited my co-worker at her new home on Saturday, and got to meet her kittens in person.  My gosh, but they are bouncy!  The girl is Annabelle, but the boy is still un-named.  When I got home after enjoying kitten power for an hour, my quiet and sleepy middle-aged cats seemed almost comatose in comparison!

And then while on my evening walk, I came across these two handsome fellows: Sneakers and Sly.  Such sweethearts!  I saw them wandering in a front yard, and knelt down to speak to them.  Both just flopped on down for belly rubs!  Their human said she often wonders if someone will just walk away with them since they love everybody.  Gorgeous floofiness!


  1. Those two kidlets are downright adorable! The fluffy ones are too cute, too. This is giving my mom no end of ideas, you know.

    Speaking of which, she finally checked mail today (well, she *is* a snail). Woo hoo! Concats on the additions to the sidebar!

  2. They are all so adorable!! Sneakers has got such gorgeous belly :-)

  3. The kittens are adorable :)
    I love older kitties, though, after you have gotten to know their personalities, and have earned their trust. ♥

  4. Adorbs! That's what those kitten are! Sneakers and Sly are very handsome too. You have great kitties in your neighborhood! Purrs...

  5. they are gorgeous and I would worry that someone would walk away with them too if they are that friendly

  6. Adorable kittens and handsome man-cats. Great photos. I worry about those friendly outdoor kitties too. They're so much safer inside like me. But they look happy & healthy so we'll purr that they stay safe.


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