Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cool Shade

Can you see Mia in there?

Sammy stayin' cool

Mellow Patty
The temps went up!  The humidity went up!  The 'O' cats hid in whatever shade they could find...well, except for Patty who just hangs out.  Can you see Mama Mia's little green eyes peeking out from the hosta plants?  She is a master at blending in, don't you think?


  1. Hostas are a pawsome place for kitties to hide :-)

  2. It feels like it was all snowy just a few day ago but summer is definitely here! Mia sure made herself blend in there very well :-)

  3. We sure could have used some cool yesterday! It was over 88 in the house! We do not like that. (Finally the cooler guy showed this morning, and it only took 25 days since my mom made a request! I guess she'll be looking for a new guy when fall rolls around and the thing has to be disconnected. Life was so much easier when we just had AC and it wasn't on the roof!)

  4. I could see! Today is gorgeous though, bet you are loving it!

  5. We had to look hard to see Mia in the hostas.

  6. Lovely photos...and we think Patty's fangs are CUTE!


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