24 May, 2014


My co-worker adopted two litter-mate kittens a couple of weeks ago; a boy and a girl.  They have not yet revealed their real and true names to her, so when we are on a break, we talk about names.  She already has two adult cats and two doggies, and she is slowly integrating the babies into that menagerie.  She is a little concerned that the adult cats are not taking to the kittens well, but the dogs just love the little, bouncy fur-balls.  She knows it takes time sometimes, and I advised her to visit The Way of Cats blog to read about cat personality and integration of a multi-cat household.  Lots and LOTS of good stuff there!

Patty O'Malley is better; the bumps on his skin are going away.  The bumps were the result of scratching and are not ticks like I thought, so hopefully he'll be bug-free for awhile.  Mia is very skittish after I gave her the spot-on treatment; she runs away if I lift my arm.  Must have scared her, so I will work to restore her trust in me.

No word yet from the people a few blocks over, with cats living under their front porch.  Don't want to appear to be stalking, but I do drive or walk by a couple of times a day.  Guess you'd say I'm compulsive...?  Maybe it's because they are all black and black-and-white, just like Chucky and Angel.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!  Some of us have Monday off for Memorial Day, to remember our fallen heroes.  It is the tenth anniversary of the passing of my father also, so there is a lot of feelings flying around as we work on the Cat Hotel, pull weeds, and hit the sales at the mall.  My father did not like animals, emotions that he never really explained to us.  Every one of his children (and most of his grandchildren!) have dogs and cats, however.  Chucky and Angel were in utero when he passed; Angel is named for him.  
Will always love you, Puba!


Katnip Lounge said...

OMC those kittens are so darn cute! Fingers crossed to happy integration.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

they are precious!! We introduced our cat and dog by putting a dab of the same perfume on all of us! Worked like a charm! (((hugs))) about your Dad

The Island Cats said...

Congrats to your friend for adopting 2 cats! We hope they become fast furiends. :)

Thanks for responding to our question. We're wondering whether Paws for the Cause would help relocate a feral kitty if we trapped it.

Gigi said...

My Human called me kitty for weeks cause I was SO BAD. Then the secretary at her work said I was a real Spitfire and it stuck ;-) The Kittens will tell her their names soon.

Your dad looks like a wonderful man!

Tamago said...

The kittens are so cute. I hope the integration will go well. Glad Patty O'Malley's lumps were nothing serious!
Hugs to you on anniversary of your dad's passing xoxo

Fur Everywhere said...

The kittens are adorable! Glad to hear Patty O'Malley's getting better :)

Hugs and purrs to you for the anniversary of your dad's passing. <3

Ivan from WMD said...

My mom was all SQUEE! again with those babies, especially the Russelly one! They'll reveal their real and true names soon enough. You'll let us know, right?

Purrs to you on this day of remembrance.