04 May, 2014

Crossed Ankles and Kittens!

I love when the kitties cross their paws over!  Looks so delicate and sweet.  Angel does it all the time, but not Chuck so I managed to make some quick pics yesterday while Chuck was sleepy in the late day sunshine.  His fur changes color in the right lighting.

Cat Scarf
And yep, I picked up another piece of cat clothing for myself, and even wore it to the office already.  No one noticed the cats, until I unwrapped it to show the sweet kitties!  Matches well with my work outfits: black, grey, brown, tan and white.  Perfect!

Hanging out again with Paws for the Cause in Chesterfield, Michigan yesterday, and they have delightful kitten and adult cats available for adoption!  The bottom three photos are kittens that I got to play with, and don't be worried about those bars: the cages keep the cats safe, and people are not allowed to put their fingers in or handle the cats in anyway, unless everyone goes into the quiet enclosure with a representative of the rescue group, and the door is locked behind!  The top photo is of kittens born to a barn kitty who was taken in by a good Samaritan, and the whole family is looking for homes.  Hope to have more photos of them soon.

The temptation to add to our cat family is HUGE, yet we know that for now, two inside and three outside is plenty.  But that doesn't mean I can't go off on a Saturday afternoon (when the house and yard are in nap mode) and play with every cat I can!  Or...shop for more cat attire...


  1. Mom likes it when we cross our paws too :)
    You kitties look very cute.
    We purr that some of the cats were adopted .
    We think every kitty deserves a home.
    Mom likes your kitty scarf.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. I love when my boys cross their paws, too! It just looks so cute :-)
    Love your kitty scarf. Very pretty. I hope these adorable kitties will find forever homes very soon. I'm sure they enjoyed your visit and play time together :-)

  3. I always think crossed kitty paws looks so genteel :)
    The scarf is great! If you were my sister, I would borrow it!

  4. The Human gets ridiculously excited if I cross or dangle my paws. Phfft. Go figure?!
    We lubs your scarf and all those furry kittens too -- we purray they will find forever homes soon!

  5. We cross our paws too! And the mom has a cat scarf very similar to that one. She has lots of cat stuff.

  6. Oh, my mom knows all about the almost irresistible urge to add to the family!

  7. Our mom is always wanting to adopt more cats. And then she remembers THREE is much than the TWO [she had before], and TWO seemed a lot more than the ONE [she started with originally]. So we think we're safe at three. Frankly, Skootch can't even handle the other two - we think he wanted to be an only cat.


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