21 May, 2014


Sammy hiding under a hosta plant

Patty enjoying a post-lunch stretch

Chuck trying hard to fit in the Friskies box

Mommy & Kitten
The temps warmed up nicely today, and the 'o' cats hid in the shade and did not eat as much food.  Mia seems to be somewhat sneezy too.  I add L-Lysine to their food to boost their respiratory health.  The pollen count has been really high recently too, so every living thing is bothered.

Notice the last photo: I spied three kittens playing on the cement stairs at a house I walk by nightly.  When approached, the kittens retreat and hide.  Hmm, not like house cat kittens.  I drove by at lunch today, and there they were again; two black kittens and a black and white one.  No adult cat around.  I screwed up my courage and knocked on the door of the house!  A nice woman came to the door (at least I was wearing my work clothes!) and I asked if the kittens belonged to her.  She was astounded; said she doesn't have a cat and she knew nothing about any.  We both walked away, and the kittens came out of the bushes!  I gave her the Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue contact information, as well as a card for All About Animals.  Gave her my cell phone # too (shh, don't tell the hubby!) in case she needed some help.  Let's hope she calls.  The photo is from this evening, while walking past.  Mommy cat is beautiful, and her little ones are very squee.


  1. The mommy cat and her kitten look so cute! I sure hope the lady will call the rescue.

  2. omg! Just read your comment on my blog! I am in Farmington Hills, where are you?

  3. I think Chuck's the perfect size for that box!

    I wish I had a hosta tent. I bet Elliott does, too.

    Oh, and those babies. Don't be getting my mom all squee!

  4. I love your hidey spot under the hosta. And a box....my favorite. Hopefully the lady contacts the spay/neuter place. Kittens are cute, but we don't need more that need proper homes.

  5. Hi there! Do you know if Paws for the Cause would trap a feral cat from one place and release it some place else? After it's fixed, of course.

  6. Oh gosh, Go YOU! Please keep us updated on that mama and kittens! If nothing else, let's get them all spayed and neutered NOW so there are no more surprises! Purrs...


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