Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Lesson at Minus 13 Degrees

I was in a car accident on the way home from work last night; my rear bumper has a new hole punched in it.  I'm fine.  However, the time it took for the officer to show up (State Police) and to get the paperwork done (costs $10 to get a copy...grrr), and the whole time I was worried about the 'o' cats.  I'm usually home at the same time at the end of each workday, and that's when they get their dinner.  I called the hubby after a half hour went by, and he gamely donned a coat and hat to put out a bucket of fresh water and kibble bowls for them.  None of them showed up for me when I checked on them when I finally arrived home.

And yet, this morning at minus 13 degrees (don't really want to know the wind chill), all three cats came out of the one big shelter, and Patty and Mama Mia danced for me for petting!  Sammy stayed near the shelter door, and scrambled back inside it when I reached over to place a new kibble-filled bowl nearby.  Unfortunately, the deck is mostly covered in rock-hard snow, and I could tell that they really didn't like standing or walking on the stuff.  Can't blame them!  But all in all, they look good and so yummy that I just wanted to grab each one for a hug.

So once again, the 'o' cats prove that worrying will just give a person wrinkles.  They are weathering this storm.  I wish I had their courage-under-fire, so to speak.  I've been a complete mess these last few, very cold days, and that was before getting rear-ended.  My heart wants to make these three cats a warm, comfy home...inside.  My head says that they ACT and LOOK like pet cats, but they are not.  Maybe they once were, and maybe they could be again, however I do not have the resources to readjust them to being house pets.  And it's my desire, not theirs.  None of them follow me to the open door, except Patty, and I swear he's doing it to make sure I'm out of his territory for the night.  I've opened that door for him many times, but he won't come in.  I love them with all of my heart.

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  1. We're glad you were not hurt in that accident, but what a terrible thing anyway. We're also glad the O cats are managing in this frigid weather. I don't think it's been fun for anyone. :-(


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