Friday, January 3, 2014

Life Lesson at Minus 2 Degrees

Mama Mia, in her winter fur
I worried all night about the 'o' cats.  It's bitterly cold here in Michigan, and I don't know if the three cats are buddying up to keep warm, or staying single.  In my mind, it's brutal out there.

And yet this morning at 7 a.m., the three greeted me with chirps and meows, and Mama Mia wouldn't eat a bite until she'd gotten enough petting.  

So, if I am able to learn from this experience, it is that looking at a situation from the outside and trying to make decisions or base emotions on that view, is a mistake.  Worry, fear, dismay are worthless to a cat.  They live NOW, and they make do and they make it work.  Are they dreaming of an 80-degree day?  Or are they dealing with what they have right this very minute?  A big ball of joy was delivered to me, by three cats who live outside.  My negative emotions did no one any good.  

Can't swear that I'll never worry or be fearful for my outside friends, however I will try to trust THEM to handle it.  They have food, they have water, and they have shelter.  They have me, and I have them.  How wonderful!


  1. If only we could live as aware as a cat! Bless you for caring for them.

  2. I think that as long as they know they have you, all will be well. Even in such freezy weather (yikes!).


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