Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cat Food Dream

I dreamt that I was visiting a pet store.  I remember everything was in color; the white counter tops, and the fish swimming in their tanks and the stacks of dog food and cat litter.  Could hear the bubbles in those fish tanks...that's how real the dream was!  But the funny part was how people asked for cat food; they sung the advertising jingle to an employee, who then quickly walked to the aisle where that food was stored!  Strange, huh?  Why would I be dreaming of an advertisers perfect idea?  Such a strange dream!
Angel would be dreaming of cat food if I'd stop clicking the camera!


  1. That's exactly what the advertisers want! Ha ha ha ha!

    (Hi, Angel! You're looking quite cute!)

  2. My cat food doesn't have a jingle. I wonder how mom remembers what to buy. You sure look like you're ready to go off to dreamland in that big box.


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