Saturday, January 18, 2014

Angel in the window

Are you looking at me?
When I get home from work, I often see Angel in the window.  Not sure if she's waiting for me, since I pretty much arrive at the same time daily, or if she's watching the world go by, but it's kinda fun to see her there.  Makes the house a home, having a cat in the window.
Gazing out the front window
Angel in the Watch Tower
Foot traffic can easily see Angel's black and white fur, so they too see her in the window.  We watch folks swivel their heads as they stride by, as they play "I Spy" with her.  She's a regular fixture in the neighborhood!


  1. I think she's waiting for you. I also sit in the window waiting for my humans to come home from work. Coincidentally, it is the window that gets sunshine during that part of the day. When Sammi lived with us (she's at RB now) the neighbors used to comment on how beautiful she was. Since I'm black and hard to see, most neighbors don't notice me.

  2. Does she have a little notebook? We bet she keeps tabs on everybody!

  3. Cat + window = hours and hours of pleasure and entertainment!

  4. Aw, how precious! My mom had a little girl cat who did that--and she was definitely waiting for her!


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