Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gone to her Furrever Home

Received a text message yesterday, that Shadow/Loretta was being adopted by a super couple who have no other cats.  She will be the queen of her own home, and they were picking her up Sunday afternoon.  I managed to get to the PetSmart about 30 minutes after she'd gone, but that's okay...why make a big, teary scene when she is going off to her happy home?  Goodbye, sweet'll live forever in my heart.  I hope your new humans keep in touch.

So, I spent some time with a few of Shadow's kittens, including Luna.  What a doll!  She has silvery fur, and big grey eyes.  People just stopped to stare at her, and there were a ton of folks shopping today!  Paws for the Cause are terrific people, and they care so much about feral and tame cats.  Hubby had to plead illness to get me outta there!  

P.S. Please send purrs and healing vibes to my friend Orbit at Peeballs and Pooplogs.  Orbit is a rascally old fellow, who isn't feeling 100% and is going to the veterinarian.  Wishing him a quick recovery from whatever he's got going, and a special hope to his humans who are beside themselves with worry.

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  1. Oh, that is such good news!!! I can only hope the same for Charlotte. She went back yesterday morning and it was like a little death. :-(

    ~William's mom.

    We visited Orbit earlier and really hope he gets better soon.

    ~William and Caroline.


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