Monday, July 29, 2019

Postcards from Rosemont: Purchases

I attended the Meow MeetUp Chicago recently, in Rosemont, Illinois.  My previous post about the trip was: Postcards From Rosemont: Pft-pfft!

How cool is this!
There is an instruction book.
I've wanted to learn to read tarot for years!

Yep, it's a scarf!
Multi-colored cats...oh YEAH!


I purchased a 40-minute session with
Linda Roberts, Animal Communicator from

Here is what she told me:

Being separated from Da Boyz is great, and she wouldn't mind a bit more human contact.  
She asked for more attention to her hairball issues.
Angel is fine with Chuck's death; his spirit visits her.

His soul is at peace, and he wants me to let go of my guilty feelings from his passing.
He isn't particularly impressed with Da Boyz, since they have no manners.
He's visited several times, usually in our dreams.

Da Boyz: 
Are happy to be in the house, and they LURV their favorite wand toys!
Manny likes the ribbon; CB the Neko Flies bug.
They are unafraid of The 'O' Cats; just curious about them.

The PO'M: 
He loves me, but wants to be wild; he does NOT want to come inside...ever.

Linda told me that Angel and Chuck knew they were our 'starter' cats, and that they volunteered to join the family as teachers and guides through the tough times ahead, such as my multiple job losses and the death of my father.

Da Boyz are our 'fun' cats; they are here to teach us to play and enjoy life.


Dr. Lori Coughlin, cat veterinarian at The Cat Practice in Oak Park, Illinois, was a speaker at Meow Meetup Chicago, and she kindly answered my questions about Chuck's euthanasia.  She assured me that his passing was peaceful for him, despite how things seemed.  She explained the entire scientific process.

Linda had told me earlier that Chuck was at peace, and that his death was quiet, however Dr. Lori's words allowed me to release the dark nugget of pain that I held in my heart.

A priceless 'purchase'



  1. It's hard to let them go, but they tell us when they are ready to cross the bridge. I so remember.

    I love that scarf.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  2. priceless indeed! so glad her words helped you!

  3. That was a really interesting session and I’m glad it helped.

  4. Very interesting sessions...and we're glad they brought you some peace.

  5. I had a session done with a communicator years ago and would love to have another one done, this time with chatty Mudpie!

  6. so glad your words brought you peace, that's wonderful! I have seen that cat tarot before, it looks like fun!

  7. OMC, my human is SO bummed she missed out on the cat tarot cards! She does have one cat deck, a different one, though. Yes, she can read them, but she rarely does it because then people suck up her time asking for readings.

  8. I wish I knew what Admiral thought. I so so so feel badly for her last months.

  9. You must have had a fabulous time. We love love love the cat tarot cards, and the insights from Ms. Roberts! We especially got a kick out of Chuck's thoughts on da boyz.

    Our mom still feels guilty about Caroline and wishes she knew if she was at peace.

  10. No word on Sweety ? One of my cats refuses to open to a communicator. Sounds like you had a rewaarding time !

  11. Those are amazing messages. Next week, My mom, niece and I are going to a psychic at the library and I hope to get a message from Phoebe. XO

  12. I like the look of the scarf, though is it just me or do most of the cats resemble retired British Army colonels?

  13. How absolutely wonderful this was to read. Amazing message about Chuck. We hope your heart truly begins to heal. LOVE that fabric!

  14. Wow! That is so awesome. I'd love to speak with someone who could communicate with my dogs. Your are very loved and it is wonderful they check on you.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing all that beautiful information. I ve had a reading or two and found them wonderfully informative about my furry ones

  16. Oh, that sure IS worth the price! I thinks it would be worth it if it was 87 million green papers! What a precious gift to your soul.
    Ruby ♥

  17. Thanks for sharing with us those wonderful cat goodies. Dad has been thinking of getting a consult from an animal communicator

  18. We're so glad you could find peace thanks to Linda ! Purrs

  19. I'm glad you got some peace, and I LOVE the scarf!

  20. Our mom had such a great time with you! We're so glad Dr. Lori was able to help heal your heart.

  21. I'm glad you are more at peace now. How well I understand; with Leia there was nothing that could be done, but with Toby, there was more ambiguity.

  22. That is so interesting what you learned from Linda!


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