Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thankful Thursday: New York State Bans Cat Declawing


Seriously, this is the first of many hopeful gains in the movement to end the practice of onychectomy, which removes all or part of the distal phalanges of cats.  Commonly called declawing, the surgery forces a cat to walk on the ends of their dismembered toe bones, which can lead to the lack of litter box usage, personality changes like aggression and biting, and the onset of arthritis and other skeletal problems caused by the off-balance gait that a cat is now forced to walk.  

Although there are some people who swear that their cats never had a lick of problems with being declawed, and think we anti-declawers are all alarmists and shamers, the real onus of this type of legislation is on the veterinary world.  They are the ones who 'sell' the surgery, without proper information given to cat parents, on the possible (and probable) ramifications to their feline housemembers.  

I live in Michigan, which apparently is the hotbed of declawing vets, according to research done by City The Kitty.  I am so very thankful for City, and The Paw Project, and other hard-working, cat-loving advocats who fight against the powerful veterinary lobbies. How can they say they do no harm, while performing such harsh surgeries?

What's right for the animal should be paramount, not that 'that's the way we've always done it', and 'if a kitten is declawed, it won't know what it's lost'.

Onward, and let's keep working to save the claws everywhere!

Paws Need Claws!
Manny shows off his toe beans

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  1. me...tuna....waz de clawed bee for eye waz adopted....

    me.....mackerull....waz street rescued, iz keepin me clawz... N de love seetz never looked better ;)


  2. Good for them! Sister Dolly was declawed when we adopted her as was Angel Sascha, there is a noticable difference, it just ain’t right. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. This is wonderful news to read. HOpefully, all places will be banned from declawing in the future. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday.
    World of Animals

  4. Manny, those are fab and I love the claws! I am grateful too that it is against the law in several States May it happen EVERYWHERE!!!

  5. Not before time! The US is supposed to be a civilised country yet vets continue with this barbaric practice. It was made illegal in the UK in 2006, and I believe the penalty if it is done is a £20,000 fine and the possibility of up to 12 months imprisonment

  6. Now we have to get all the other states on board!

  7. Every state and country needs to ban this.

  8. I am the kitty at our home who is clawless but very lucky as I have no problems because of it. Dad always wishes I had my claws when I grab him to hug him as he knows I am so gentle I would not spear him. Yay for New York and Boo for "Old Boys Club" Vets

  9. It's great to know that not *everything* that comes out of NY is a nightmare. ;-) We were very happy to hear this and hope more states follow suit.

    Our mom wants to play with those Manny toes!

  10. Unfortunately, the law has a loophole which I bet vets will be exploiting from day one. Vets can perform it in cases of infection or injury. Not does this include injury to furniture. Only the vets know. Oh, and the fine is only $1000.

    1. I was thinking the same thing; we can only hope that veterinarians aren't going to fool around.

  11. Wonderful news ! We hope all the states follow that example ! Purrs

  12. GO NEW YORK! Here's hoping other states have the wisdom and will to follow ...

  13. YES!!! Way to go, New York! I hope every state quickly follows!

  14. We love NY! SAVE THE CLAWS! This is such an important issue, thanks for brining it to your post today - you rock!


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