01 September, 2019

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

From Cole & Marmalade's Facebook Page
Alas, Eastside Cats is sans ginger kitties, so I've asked my friends to fill in!

Eric, in back and Sparky in front
Thanks to ET in Canada, for sharing her gorgeous boys!
Mango, in all of his floofy splendor
Thanks to P&M in Florida!

Rusty, Mango's brofur!
Thanks again, P&M!

(That's the sound of my fainting over such handsome mancats!)

Please hug your ginger cats close today, as we honor/honour their splendidness!



  1. I had no idea it was Ginger Cat Appreciation day.
    Sending loving hugs to my grandkitty and glorious gingerman Frisco.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Such handsome gingers! Sparky looks like a bigger version of Kitty Yumbum, but she was a small girl at 6 pounds.

  3. In honor of our beloved kitten Bear, who is gone!

  4. They are the epitome of handsome ginger cats!

  5. Beautiful kitties! Mudpie still can't believe there's no Tortie Appreciation Day...

  6. We love the orange goodness! Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to all the wonderful Gingers everywhere!

  7. Aww... what magnificent coats they all have, too! Purrs and winks.

  8. The three ginger cats I've had have all passed away, long before they should have. They were beautiful creatures, and miss each one. It's no wonder I have a special spot for marmalade cats.

  9. Carmine thinks this is a magnificent day!

  10. You have some very nice Ginger Cats and we sure love them. Thanks everyone for giving we Gingers the homage we deserve, daily, MOL

  11. We didn't know there was such a day, and we have a ginger kitty!

  12. Oh, man. This makes me miss the starving ginger boy who wandered into our garden begging for help in the spring of 2018. We sheltered and nourished him over that weekend until his vet appointment the following Monday. All the while he loved on me through the hours I visited him in our furnished walkout basement, segregated from our two geriatric felines. I hoped to adopt that little sweetheart but my insistence veterinary staff scan for an identity chip changed those plans. I mentioned that scan four times, twice to the vet tech before she remembered to do it. The look on her face when she returned with the bittersweet news stays with me. ~sigh~ At least I reunited a grateful family.


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