Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Feasts of St. Patrick and St. Gertrude

The patron saint of gardeners, travelers, widows, recently deceased people, the sick, the poor, the mentally ill, and travelers in search of lodging. 
People call upon Gertrude for protection from mice and rats, fever, insanity, and mental illness.
Cat lovers revere Gertrude of Nivelles most of all.

The patron saint of Ireland.
He was a Christian missionary given credit with converting Ireland to Christianity in the AD 400s.
Irish legend says that Saint Patrick used the shamrock as an educational symbol to explain the Holy Trinity to non believers.

(Above information found on the interwebs)

A St. Patrick's Day gift!
Please take care my friends; some of what we must do is counterintuitive, yet cool heads must prevail for the maximum number of humans can escape unscathed.


Let's not forget, it's Two-zday!

Manny in the bed, Chili Bruce with his tailio over the side.


Sending all of my love to Sparky and his mom;
May the powers of the universe converge to keep Sparky with us for awhile longer.



  1. doodz....anda happee day oh de saintz two ewe both ♣♣♣♣♣

  2. Happy St Pat's Day to you. Though honestly, how is Paddy NOT prominently featured today ???

  3. Those are cool socks and cool boys too! Tell Paddy we're enjoying his special day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us!

  4. Love the socks...dang it I should have taken a photo of mine today. I bought them for 1/2 price at Joann's they are green with gray kitties who have pink noses....of course in honor of Angel Madi
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Love the socks and your boys are so handsome.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day. ♥

  6. Happy St.Patrick's Day and St. Gertrude's Day!

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day and St. Gertrude's Day!

  8. Cute socks and even cuter kitties :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  9. What wonderful socks. My mom was all about the saints. !!!! Gertrude for mental health, I'll ask her today. St. Gertrude keep me sane. Prayers for ailing kitty pal too

  10. Happy St. Patrick's Day! We love those green-eyed boyz!

  11. Saint Patrick is also known as being a saint for dogs

  12. What were they looking at? Plotting something?


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