Friday, July 17, 2015

Chuck Update

Thank you all for your warm wishes for Chuck's recovery.  Per the vet, Chuck does NOT have thyroid issues nor is he diabetic...whew!  He does have a heart murmur though; she called it a 'gallop', and wants an ultrasound done.  In addition, it's obvious that he's got something going on with his intestines, which deserve an ultrasound too, per the vet.  She called it Irritable Bowl Disease.  Chuck is eating a bit more at every meal, but he's definitely staying very quiet and has not been stealing my socks.  We will continue with all the meds until gone, and keep analyzing his progress.

Angel has stopped hissing at me, yet still goes after Chuck once in awhile.  Hopefully this weekend will bring an end to that.  The hubby and I understand that she still smells the vet's office on him, so she is just reacting naturally, so we give her lots of love when she is AWAY from Chuck.

On the funny side, we received a call from the veterinarian that I took Patty and Sweetie to this spring, see here for details.  Somehow, their notes show that Patty's birthday is coming up, and were wishing him a Happy Birthday!  Hahahaha!  Patty is feral; we have no idea when his birthday is, and it just tickled our funny bone to get that call.

However, there are birthdays to be celebrated soon...see my post tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the update. When Leia went to the vet for her dental, it took Toby 5 days to get over being miffed at her. When he went, it took her a few hours. Every kitteh is different.

  2. Poor Chuck!! I'm glad some things have been eliminated. Skootch has had a heart murmur ever since I got him as a wee kitten. I don't like the sound of the word "gallop", and his intestinal problems are very concerning. Paws crossed.

  3. We're purring that Chuck feels better soon.

  4. I guess you can say that is Chuck's b'day now. I pray all goes well with the ultrasounds and he improves.

    1. Oops- I meant Patty's b'day, not Chucks.

  5. dood...typin frum a cell ewe lar excuze choppy nezz tell yur mom ta chex out IBDKITTIES.NET

    her will be at de rite site when her seez ...dedicated to my alex, met at catster...tons oh info..blessings dood

  6. tryin ta paste

  7. I'm still rooting for you, Chuck! My bro Elliott has a heart murmur too but he's doing fine. I hope your results are the same.

    Oh, and P.S. I really don't ever get Food From Heaven either, I just dream about it. If there were really such a thing here, I might be able to score some lettuce. Not my fave. ;-)

  8. Our The Baby has IBD and pred has worked miracles on her...not sure if it works with a heart murmur though. Purrs and hugs for Chuck from all of us!

  9. Continued purrs to Chuck. I hope he gets better and start carrying around your socks again. And hope the vet smell will be completely gone so that Angel feels secure.


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