Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cat Spit

Do all cats drool?  Maybe I've never noticed it much before, but both Angel and Chuck tend to drool when they are enjoying a hands-on session with their humans.
Chuck, after carrying my socks and before drooling

Angel, already rubbing her face on the box edge
Both rub their jaws and cheeks on the edge of a box, and the drooling begins!  I'll spare you any photos of said spit puddles; the description of them is enough.

Even Patty O'Malley will send bits of spit out into the universe, when he shakes his head, like a big, drool-y dog.  Eww.  

Patty appears to be smiling!


  1. Sometimes we drool and shake our heads.
    Mom does not like it when she gets hit with some kitty drool. MOL!!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. None of us drool much, but the cat that came before us used to drool all over the mom when she petted him.

  3. Oh my cats! My old bro Russell was a champion drooler once he started purring! He just got so happy he couldn't help himself!

  4. A lot of cats do drool, my Lucy does when she cuddles in bed and so does Spooky :) At least they don't drool for food like dogs though.

  5. Yes, I, tobers, will do that. Mom Googled and discovered that I'm so relaxed and happy I forget to swallow. So sometimes she will rub my nose or the sides of cheeks and that reminds me to do it.

  6. One of my boys drools when he is very happy!
    Love Patty's smiling face with his fangs out :-) Happy weekend!


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