Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cat Shout for Joy

I started reading the Joe Grey Mystery series back in 2009, when I was laid-off from my job and looking for a new position.  Those were difficult emotional times for me, plus I had just begun my personal TNR campaign for the cats in the neighborhood.  I was taking TNR classes, learning how to make my life integrate with twice daily feedings outside, while attending every resume-writing, interviewing for beginners, how to network online, free class I could find!

Spending lots of time at the local library, I searched the book catalog for 'cat' books, to soothe my nerves.  Reading is my great escape!  Author Shirley Rousseau Murphy's name came up, and I saw there were already several books in the Joe Grey Mystery series.  So, I checked out the very first book, "Cat on the Edge".  The mixture of murder mystery, metaphysical cat lore, and the bond between humans and cats was a powerful punch! I then secretly bought every book in the series, which was a very big deal for someone living on a VERY fixed income!  I devoured every book, and then reread them again.  Now, for years, I wait impatiently for the next volume, and I was NOT disappointed in "Cat Shout for Joy", which was published last month.

Last night, I stayed up past midnight, as I read the last of this tale.  I cried multiple times...tell me, how often does reading fiction make you cry?!?  I will not give the story away; there are too many spoilers for me to even tell you much about the characters of Joe Grey, the mostly grey-colored cat with a short tail, and his lady tabby cat Dulcie.  Along with their human companions, plus many members of the Molena Point Police department, a band of very special feral cats, and calico Kit and her special cat friend Pan, Shirley Rousseau Murphy has created a landscape of fascinating...and mysterious...stories that I hope you will enjoy reading.

Cat Shout for Joy: A Joe Grey Mystery
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062403490
On Sale: 02/23/2016
Pages: 336


  1. Mom has read quite a few of the Joe Grey mysteries. They are pretty good. Often a bit grittier than the usual cat mysteries.

  2. These books sound good! I will be looking for them. Thank you for reviewing this. I had not heard of these mysteries, and I LOVE mysteries. :-)

  3. I am not familiar with these, but they sound great. I will get the first one from the library. 2009 was the year to get laid off, my husband did too.

  4. I have heard about the Joe Grey mysteries,but have not read one.
    I have,however read "the Cat Who" books by Lillian Jackson Braun and enjoyed them very much.
    Will have to check out the Joe Grey books :)

  5. The mom needs to add this series to her reading list.

  6. Cats and mystery are both my favorite. The book and the whole series sound very good! Reading is really a great escape. Reading funny stories helped me when I was having difficult time :-)


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