Friday, March 11, 2016


How do I tell my new boss that he and my cat have the same name?

My 'old' boss of almost five years is moving to a new position within our company.  Today is his last day here.  I wish him good luck and fair sailing! My new supervisor is someone whom I've worked with in the past, and I think we'll get along just fine.  I may cry a tear or two, as the day slips away and the future comes marching in.  In a way, I am mourning the loss of a good relationship, and finely-tuned teamwork.

After this weekend, I will embrace the new!  If I live through the missing hour, that is....

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

P.S. I found out who sent the text of the cat in my last post!  Hahahaha!  A co-worker, and her cat is LeRoy.  She says he's a pill, since he glares at her other cats, making them hide from him.  But he's adorable!


  1. My mom's former boss's boss had the same name as my old bro--Russell! I never met the human Russell but Mom said he was just as cool as my bro. With any luck, you'll have the same result.

    How fun that you discovered the sender of the bully boy pic!

    1. Russell was a really cool cat! My new boss laughed when I told him about the name thing, which bodes well for the future I think!

  2. We hope all goes well with your new supervisor. And we're glad you solved the mystery of the mysterious text. :)

  3. so glad the cat mystery has been solved! Hmmm...did you stop and think that maybe your new boss IS your cat??? Hehehe...maybe he is like a shape-shifter and changes form when you go to work :) I remember having TONS of boss changes, some good, some not-so-much, you will be fine! I am not looking forward to this time change at all! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. I am sure you are a pleasure to work with and will get along great with the new supervisor.

  5. Hopefully you'll develop a great working relationship with your new boss quickly.

  6. We have "Chuck" at work, and he always reminds me of your Chuck :-)
    Glad you found out who sent you a text! LeRoy is such a cute kitty!

  7. Change is rarely easy, but I hope the transition to a new boss goes well!

    Haha!! Yes, he sure is a cute kitty, indeed :)


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