Thursday, March 3, 2016


The camera loves Angel

Wha-ooh...look at all the fur!
While taking photos of Angel in one of her favorite beds, I was struck by the huge amount of fur that she has left behind. After she'd vacated her nappy spot, I attempted to clean it out with a damp cloth...
I scored two spent whiskers (score!), and a pile of fur and stuff.  The Hubby wants to use the upright vacuum on it! I think I'd rather leave Angel in a nest of fur rather than chance making her unhappy with a cleaned beddy.  She will roam the house, wondering why we messed with her perfectly good set-up.

Any fur is good fur to Chuck
A bed full of Angel's fur does not appear to bother Chucky in the least...

When we can open the windows again, all of the cat beds, sleeping spots and hidey holes will get a thorough shake out, wash, vacuum...whatever is needed to de-fur, so they can begin the process again...


  1. That sure is a very furry bed! When you de-fur beds, sleeping spots and such, I'm sure they will be re-furred in no time :-)

  2. We kittehs know just what we need to be comfy.

  3. guys...dont cha just hate it when yur blankitz iz kleened....if peepulz onlee new long de hole procezz taked ta get em...furred up.....♥♥♥

  4. You should see all the fur on our beds! The mom gave up trying to defur them because she knows we'd just fur them up again.

  5. I'm always surprised by how much fur I find in Carmine's beds, too!

  6. and next week you will be opening the windows! Stay tuned! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Beautiful photos. I have a lot of de-furring to do too :)

  8. My mom tried to clean the massive mat of fur out of Caroline's refrigerator basket and Caroline was quite perturbed for several days. It's back to normal now. :-)

  9. Oh, and ❤ to beautiful Angel!


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