Monday, March 28, 2016

The Great Coconut Oil Goop Event

Coconut Oil container
Patty O'Malley eating coconut oil
Greasy kid stuff
It's been over a week since Patty O'Malley's trip to the vet for an antibiotic shot, to cure the sores down his spine.  The vet told me that if he hasn't improved in two weeks, then I should bring him back.  REALLY?!?  How often do they think I can trap a cat?  Although Patty's skin seems better, progress isn't fast enough for me. As usual, I searched online, read my books, and decided that instead of calendula tincture, use of good old coconut oil could do the trick!

So, I carefully cleaned a container that once held my face cream, and The Hubby loaded it with coconut oil. It sounds like it's a liquid, but it's not!  It's more of a paste, that will become liquid if warmed.  I carried said container outside, and proceeded to smear the stuff on Patty O'Malley's back as he ate his dinner. I have to use two hands, to part his fur and rub the paste onto his skin.  Needless to say, the cat looks fairly greasy once I'm done. Fortunately, he did not put up much of a fight on the first day, Saturday.

Sunday, I dutifully gooped up his back again, even though he jumped up on the food station top, and even tried to bite me, in a faint attempts to get me to stop messing up his fur.  I let him sniff the container, and he ate some too.  I explained out loud my motives to both Patty and Sweetie; not sure if either was listening, however...

Since it's only been two days, I won't crow about success.  I certainly feel less scabs, but I will keep at it for awhile, to see if he really begins to heal and the sores disappear.  He may not like to way his fur looks, and I may have to trap him again, but I'm hoping that the coconut oil does the trick. So lucky that Patty and I have a great relationship, otherwise I would never be able to grease him up like that.  Today it's been raining heavily, and the wind!  Temperatures are above freezing, however, so tonight after work...while he's eating his dinner...I'll be gooping up his back fur again!


  1. Poor guy. He's very fortunate to have you looking after him. We hope another trapping so soon will not be needed.

  2. dood....we use coconut oil all de time on woundz & stuff.....we USED ta eat it off de spoon; but then bee in catz, we dee sided we due knot wanna due that any mor...

  3. We've heard good things about coconut oil. We sure hope it helps.

  4. Well we sure hope dat works. Ifin not ya' might wanna give da ole pure Shea Butter a try. Mommy has been usin' it fur years fur just 'bout everythin' and it's never failed her yet. We's Sendin' Patty purrayers.

    Luv ya'


  5. I hope the coconut oil works.

  6. Wow, I'd never thought about coconut oil for stuff. It's good that it won't make him sick if he licks at it, always a concern with cats!

  7. I'm big fan of coconut oil and use it for both kitties and humans. I hope it helps for Patty!

  8. Hope it helps. I tried it with Cody's hot spots a year or so ago, but....I never applied it topically, I just put it in his food. Didn't do a thing. IS supposed to be good, hoping that since you applied it topically that it works! catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. Hopefully the coconut oil helps. He sure seems to be enjoying it.


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