Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why empty one bowl first?

Yesterday's breakfast, Angel's bowl is up top
Angel and Chuck finish off one food bowl before the second bowl.  The first-empty bowl is Angel's, and it's the one that I mix in her special holistic vitamins.  Chuck starts on his bowl, then walks off as Angel keeps eating from hers.  After awhile, the two cats alternate at a time...until that first bowl is clean.

Slowly, the second bowl is consumed afterward.

Why do they do that?

Are the vitamins such a tasty add-on, that it makes Angel's bowl more enticing?  Let's experiment!

This morning, I added vitamins to both bowls...and voila!  Chuck ate at his bowl, and Angel at hers. By the time I left for work, both bowls had a few mouthfuls left, but they were mostly equally eaten.

I really thought that I was being so SNEAKY when I mixed in the vitamin powder, but obviously I was about as subtle as a freight train.  I have already gotten the okay from Dr. Sheppard for Chuck to ingest Angel's vitamins; I am sure I'll get a fist-full of Chuck's own vitamins when we go in early April.

Today's breaky...sounds like "nom nom nom!"


  1. They're obviously helping in the dishwashing process by getting one clean for you to wash! I think this is very considerate.

    Here we just have the little piglet Izzy to speed-clean our bowls, but if we walk away, he just vacuums and we get no second chance.

  2. That's a fun experiment! Those vitamines must be very yummy :-)

  3. Those nom nom noms are music to my ears! That's great that the vitamins apparently add a good taste and that they're ok for both cats.

  4. It's good that they like them so much.

  5. Clever, clever kitties. As if there were ever anything else!

  6. We'd like to know what those vitamins are!

  7. I guess those vitamins are tasty. That was a good experiment.

  8. That mystery was easily solved. Those vitamins must taste great.

  9. angel & lee awesum job on keepin yur peepulz fooled !!!!! high paws ♥♥♥


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