Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Aptly Named


Our former feral seems to be slowing down some.

Could be the super hot and muggy weather.

Could be her age; she was a youngster in 2009 when we TNR'd her, but she's at least 13 years old now...and not all of them were good years.

Could be my tendency to worry about the cats too, which means she could be purrfectly normal!

All I know is that I love her, despite the murder mitt claw rips in the quilt...and in my clothes...and the scratches on my arms!

It's my fault that I try to hug her...after years of watching her from afar, having her close enough to gather into my arms just overrides that "Danger!" signal!

Notice the tiny white patch on her tummy
Enjoy a jigsaw puzzle by clicking on the image above!
The curl in her tail as she is zonked out...SQUEE!!!

 But, she head bonks me, and head bonks my book or phone, and the purring!

I pat my chest when lying down as a signal, and she steps up to snuggle in.



  1. Hi Sweetie, you beautiful girl!

    Oh, it's the heat, take it from us. We're doing everything in slow-mo, except for Izzy, who still yips like crazy starting about an hour or 9 before dinner. (As if this speeds Mom up!)


  2. I hear's worth it. I so remember having a cat like this. It's worth it.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to your beautiful girl. ♥

  3. She really is a sweetheart and it's probably the heat, it's tough on all of us.

  4. Our mom knows what you mean. Lexy is almost 13, and she thinks she sees her slowing down. Maybe it's just her worrying imagination.

  5. I always worry with every little feline thing, too. Portia didn’t want her breakfast right away this morning: it’s the first time that’s happened. She eventually ate it, after I substituted another variety, but she had eaten the first kind before. I just wish she’d learn to trust me more, like Sweetie does you.

  6. I would not be able to resist trying to hug her either. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  7. Absolutely sweet! And cats know their boundaries. I am so accustomed to cats who need space that I invite them all to decide what they want. Purring kitty on the chest is better than all hugs.

  8. Sweetie is a sweetie...just keep on loving her. :)

  9. She loves you on her own terms...but yes, the temptations to snuggle when you want to are hard to resist!

  10. i totally know what you mean! I got Amarula as a stray when I lived in Africa and have no idea at all how old she is (though she has to be at least 10 years as she has been with me almost that long) but whenever she slows down or sleeps more than usual i start to think we could be near the "end" but thankfully my predictions thus far are wrong -but it is hard not to know how old your kitty is!

  11. Tell her I am doing the SAME thing! Same age too.

  12. Queen Nellie did not turn into a "cuddler" until she was 15. She was 5 pounds of teeth and claws, unless she wanted it. I know Sweetie will get there. Wear your scratches with honor!

  13. It's so easy to worry. ~hugs~ Terra and Polly did give geriatric Jezebel new pep in her step. What a joy. Best wishes!


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