01 March, 2019

Young Masters Tree Service is on call, for tree or cat...

Folks, The Hubby and I have seven big trees in our backyard, and they needed a trim!  We called William, at Young Masters Tree Service in Mount Clemens, Michigan because 1) they are local to us, 2) they have terrific reviews from satisfied customers, and 3) they rescue cats!  Yes, cats stuck in trees.  YMTS helps out the Michigan Humane Society (where Manny and CB came from!), as well as many other rescues in Metro Detroit, and they don't charge for cat-saving.  I've grabbed a few images from their Facebook page:

No, that's NOT The PO'M!

Oh, kitty!

Cold kitty was rescued!


Rot, caused by mulching too high up the trunk, I'm guessing

This is why we had our trees trimmed!
We were worried about this!

Look at those paws!

Kitty wants down!

The fallen tree really messed up this house!

I also follow Canopy Cat Rescue in Washington state, and The Cat Rescue Guy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  And here, in my own town, is another dedicated group of cat-lovers, who climb up to get kitty back down!

Young Masters Tree Service use donations, to help cover the costs of saving cats.  If I had some depth-perception, I'd ask to join their team...well, after about 6 months of heavy physical training.  Yeah, I spend my days sitting in my tookus, so I'd have to get into condition.  But cat love would do a lot to propel me upwards!

Disclaimer: I've posted about Young Master Tree Service for the benefit of the company and the cats that they save, and received no remuneration or consideration.  They are a good bunch of people, and I'm simply telling their story.


  1. What a wonderful service they provide. Rescuing kitties from those huge trees are a very good thing.

    I have always worried about trees falling in high winds. Last year we had an old tree fall on three cars in a driveway near us. Totaled out all three vehicles.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Oh...............do I 100% agree about the tall trees. Over the years we've had ~25 50'+ tall pines removed. There is nothing worst than being in the middle of an ice storm look up at your sky light to see a Pine
    arched over the house. Luckily it was not huge maybe 25' and it sprung up as the ice melted but we said bye bye
    Our go to Tree removal is Young's Tree service here in Raleigh
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. total lee awesum that they due thiz...N helpz de fire depart mint out two !! ;) ♥♥

  4. What a wonderful thing they do. And you are very wise to get trees trimmed.

  5. That is so great that they rescue cats up in trees. Sounds like a great tree service in all ways.

  6. How cool, we would use them too. That is a very special company!

  7. How pawsome this tree trimming company will help stuck kitties.

  8. How wonderful! I wish they were in every City and State!!!

  9. Great post. Great information about helping Cats here

  10. What a special service! Good for them!

    We don't worry about falling trees here, but our mom always worried when she had the house. Could be because a giant branch crushed her car in '09...the tree, a giant elderly cottonwood, was later removed, drawing a crowd throughout the five or six hours it took to take down.

  11. How sweet that they rescue kitties.

  12. That's pretty incredible that they rescue kitties without charge. That would be a life-saver to anyone who loves their kitties but not [so much] tree climbing.

  13. So good of you to spread the word about the wonderful services they provide. Sometimes I still can't fathom our ilk actually getting stuck in trees, but what do I know. I'm just s spoiled indoor only old lady.

  14. What a great service they do with no charge. Glad those scared kitties are rescued. I have coworker whose house was hit by a fallen tree. I heard the entire seconded floor fell on the ground. Good thing you keep the trees trimmed :-)

  15. That is such a wonderful company! I hope the word spreads and other tree companies around the country will follow suit - hello Texas tree companies - this is a GOOD thing!

  16. So many cats think that climbing a tree is all fun and games - until they try to get down, the poor things. That picture of the tree having sliced through the roof is frightening.

  17. That's pawsum, so glad ya'll have some wonderful cat luvvers in your area. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    PeeEss: You can change the number of pieces on our puzzles to make them easier ifin you'd like to play them. There's a drop down menu that lets you customize it. Fanks fur lettin' us know. We'll try to add some puzzles in the future with less pieces to start with.

  18. When I lived out in the boonies and had outdoor kitties (1970's), I had to call a tree service twice to get my kitties out of trees. They were super nice and efficient, but not cheap :-) / :-( Then I lit upon the solution of keeping nails trimmed so their climbing was curtailed. These are great pix!

  19. What a great service this company provides to kitties and their owners. Our old house had huge oak trees and it was always scary when the violent storms hit. I'm so glad to not have any giant trees in our yard now.

  20. It's a grat service :) Helping cats is fun! :)

  21. What a wonderful story--I never thought about companies that would rescue cats! Wonderful thing to do!

  22. What a great group. We understand why you wanted to feature them. Sawyer thanks you for the hugs and purrs. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  24. What a great group! I've seen things online about Canopy Cat Rescue in Washington. I love that there are groups like this!


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