22 March, 2024

Some of us call them quitter strips

Please send some purrs:

Cat Daddy Zane at Comedy Plus is having health issues.

Angel Sampo flew away to The Rainbow Bridge recently; Catio Tales could use a few kind comments also.
While enjoying a few staycation days, I've been working through my To Be Read list of books.

Some bookmark sillies for your entertainment:

And then some of us stay up WAY past our bedtimes, just to finish a book so we DO NOT have to use a bookmark.

Well, that's what I'd heard...(typing this with red-rimmed eyes from lack of sleep...)


  1. When I'm home alone I love to read myself to sleep at night, but I still need the bookmark. Thanks for the invite, have also been up there to go to the town of Mio to see the Kirtland warbler. That was about 20 years ago I think.

    1. We'll be in Ohio for the eclipse on 4/8. Everything depends on the weather, as to where we'll end up to watch.

  2. Finding time to read means you are up to date with everything else... Not yet there but sure love to have a book in my hands again!
    Mariette + Kitties

  3. Quitter strips, too funny!

  4. Sigh, my bookmarks don't work anymore, sadly one or two paragraphs put me to sleep it seems. BTW: baby brother lives in SB, Indiana, my phone told me this a.m., it's snowing there too, just like you ... sorry to say a sunny day hereabouts. Once a Michigander, spring will arrive ... sometime?

  5. I am sorry to say the book I lent my DIL a ew days ago has saltine cracker crumbs throughout from where I read the book many times over and ate crackers all the time. Those are my bookmarks I told myself. It was a mature book for 15 year old me when I first read it, but I LOVED it..the style of writing. It was the Napoleonic era and the French Revolution. About Josephine, Napoleon, her first husband Alexander, Talleyrand and all the revolutionists...fascinating. Great cracker reading! Bet I ate a sleeve of those every time I sat down to read.

  6. My book marks are any scraps of paper I can find, but never fold the page corners.

  7. Those were some darn nice bookmarks! Happy Reading!

  8. My condolences to all who knew and loved Sampo.

    I am always looking for good bookmarks.

  9. It's always so sad when one loses a pet and I'm praying for Sandee and Zane. ~sigh~ Thank you for the giggles. I want those clawed finger bookmarks if they are real. ~fingers crossed~ lol On a side note, forgive me for having my comments tagged so differently (stupid blogger issues, but oh, well). Hugs, my dear.

  10. By the way, the title took me a moment to understand and then cracked me up. lol

  11. I'm so sorry for ill and/or lost loved ones. Best wishes and also thanks for the giggles.

  12. Okay, I might have duplicated comments because of the delay in posting my comment(s). ~shakes head~ I missed that notation somehow.


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