Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reprint: Vanishing Cats

Have you ever seen the movie "Field of Dreams"?  It stars Kevin Costner, as he portrays a man who conjures old baseball players back from the beyond.  One of the nifty effects of the movie is when the ballplayers walk into a field a tall corn plants.  As they move deeper into the stalks, they magically disappear into thin air.  Wow!

Now here's the thing: I've witnessed the same thing in real life!  Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, all of our yard plants are blooming and growing, and the three outside cats love snoozing in the shade.  While I watch, the cats walk across the lawn and straight into the plants, then disappear!  Vanished!

One time, I managed to grab my camera, and then followed Mama Mia as she headed for the greenery.   You can just make out her black head and gold-green eyes as she waits for me to do my own disappearing act, so she can completely duck under and begin her afternoon siesta.  She's in a bank of tiger lily leaves, up against the house.  One would think a black cat would be easy to spot, but not our vanishing outdoor cats!

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