Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This morning...

Chucky in his cup beddy
Angel, soaking up some sunshine
...how I left Chuck and Angel as I headed off to work.

Don't let the sunshine fool you; it was only 19 degrees F!
The ice on the 'O' Cats water bucket was an inch thick!


  1. It was freezing this morning! Spring better come back soon. ~Island Cat Mom

  2. Sorry to mention this, but it was 77° here today. Of course, that is way warmer than it should be! The weather is so weird.

  3. 19 degrees, Yikes! And I hope it warms up for you soon.
    It was in the mid-70s here.

  4. That cup beddy looks very comfy!
    19F...brrr!! We are expecting 30s this weekend. But then it should warm up.
    Stay warm and have a great day :-)

  5. 19 degrees?! That's awful. It was snowing here last week. Isn't is supposed to be Spring? MOL.

    We are glad there are at least some sun puddles over there for you to enjoy.

  6. guys....we noe....itz noe longer TROUT towne heer but de land oh frozen fish stix....♥♥♥


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