15 April, 2016

Uh oh...

A trunkful of kitty litter!
Uh oh...this can only mean one thing...it's Litter Box Clean-Up Weekend!

Run for the hills, Angel and Chuck!  Mama's gonna be dumping, and scrubbing, and sweeping, and worrying you...until everything is neat as a pin and sparkling clean again!  

(Plans were to do this project last weekend, but Mother Nature SNOWED on us instead!  I wash the litter boxes while outside; they are too big to handle in our smallish utility area.  AND...I had a coupon...score!)


  1. Mother Nature hasn't been very nice to any of us lately huh? Coupons...Score!!! Have fun. MOL

    Luv ya'


  2. The mom washes our litter boxes every weekend too...usually Sunday. We love a clean litter box!

  3. I hope the weather will be great for litter box cleaning! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am sure they will appreciate the clean boxes.

  5. Oh, litter box cleaning.... one of the least favorite things ever.

  6. Clean is fun but it never takes long for someone to ruin it! Do you know what? My old bro Eddie *always* had to be the first to use a clean box, so my mom used to let him know when it was ready, and he'd go flying in. Didn't matter if he had anything to leave, he still had to be first.

  7. We kitties always appreciate a nice clean litter box!


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