Friday, July 7, 2017

Farewell, Bella

In September, 2014, my office co-worker discovered three kittens in a field near her home.  She grabbed all three, and settled them in her spare bedroom.  The idea was to socialize them, and get them adopted.  I tried unsuccessfully to TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) the mother cat.  Once her babies were gone, she simply disappeared.

Hiding in the weeds

What a cutie!

The was Bella before she was Bella!



Brother and sister
Brothers up top, Bella below

The two light-colored boys were adopted together.  The wee all-black girl had a funny eye, and she simply got absorbed into the house full of four other cats and two dogs in time.

Bella, when she went for her first vet visit

Me, holding Angel Bella
As Bella (as she became known) grew, her eyesight never improved, and she ended up losing one eye.  But she played and ran, and nothing held her down.

That is, until recently, when she was having litter box problems.  After a round of antibiotics and no improvement, the veterinarian said that her kidneys were really bad, and there were some other lumps.  Bella was helped over The Rainbow Bridge, at less that three years old.

Farewell, Angel Bella.  You were greatly loved.

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