Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oh Canada! Happy 150th!

July 1, 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday!  To help celebrate our wonderful neighbors, here are some fun country and cat facts:

Official Logo

Map of Metro Detroit, Michigan and Metro Windsor, Ontario
Eastside Cats is in Mount Clemens, Michigan, near the top of this image
We are north of Canada!  How 'bout that?

Look at how much territory Canada covers!

Photo of a Canada Lynx
Look at that wee tail, and the long back legs!

Photo of Sphinx cat
Did you know that Sphinx cats originated in Canada?  Read this:

"The hairless Sphynx is an example of the cat breeds that come about accidentally. A genetic mutation brought about the birth of a hairless kitten to Elizabeth, a black and white domestic cat in Toronto, Canada. Elizabeth’s owner recognized that Prune, as the kitten was called, was unique and set about trying to reproduce him. He, along with other hairless kittens that were born in the mid- to late 1970s, was bred to furred cats, including the Devon Rex. The gene for hairlessness is recessive, so while some of the offspring were hairless, others had fur." from

So, wishing Canada and it's cats, a very Happy 150th Celebration! Some of us will NEVER FORGET what Canada and Canadians did for travellers who were stranded during the 9/11/01 U.S. attacks, which grounded flights and left an awful lot of travelers in Canada. People opened their homes, the schools, restaurants, and just plain HUGGED everybody!  So, here's a big hug (and a smooch!) right back atcha, Canada!

And now stand, for the Canadian National Anthem!

English version
O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.                                                                                  
French version                                                                                                                      
O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux,
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,
Il sait porter la croix!
Ton histoire est une épopée
Des plus brillants exploits.
Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

Now, drop that puck and let's play hockey!


  1. Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian pals. That was most interesting about the Sphinx kitties!

  2. Happy Canda to our Canadian furriends. And Happy Caturday to you.

  3. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends ! Purrs

  4. Such interesting information! I did not know that about the Sphinx and it truly is amazing how huge Canada is. I'm in northern Vermont, less than an hour from the Canadian border, yet I've never spent much time there even though my dad's family is from Canada!

  5. We can see Canada from our Island!

  6. Oh Vicki, what a wonderful post. How kind. Thank you so much for sharing all this information about my homeland. I didn't realize Sphinx cats originated in Canada. Hugs to all you wonderful Americans!

  7. We're well south of anything Canadian.
    I didn't know Sphinx cats originated in Canada.

  8. Very interesting cat facts. Happy Canada Day!

  9. In many ways Canada has similarities to Finland - like we have the lynx. And here we have the nekkids too. Hmmmm.

    But Happy Birthday to Canada indeed - a good country to live, wethinks.

  10. Happy Canada Day! Interesting facts about Canada and cats. I would imagine sphinx kitties came from somewhere tropical based on how they are dressed :-)

  11. Wonderful post marking Canada's 150th! Hugs and purrs.

  12. Happy Canada day 🇨🇦
    Such a surprise to know Sphinx cats originated in Canada !

  13. OH! As a Canadian I declare that you are indeed an honorary Canadian! Appreciate the post and the info about Spinx cats--I didn't know they were born here!

    1. Woo Hoo! Honorary Canadian! Thank you, thank you!

  14. Wow! Learned something about a Sphinx cat. Wouldn't think a hairless cat would come from such a cold place!


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