Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NOT a Cat Whisperer

A couple of weeks ago at the office, I saw a cat streak across the parking lot.  I followed as best I could, and saw the cat dive into the hole under a pile of branches; maybe an old groundhog burrow. Later, a co-worker said she'd seen kittens playing in the same area!  So, off I went to the store to buy a few cans of food, and I put some on a paper plate...with a bowl of water next to it...and I stepped away.

Actually, I hid behind a tree, and waited.  After a few minutes, two tiny kittens peeked out from that hole!  I barely saw their sweet faces, when I stepped on a dry leaf, and they disappeared again.  Later, as I left for the day, I noticed the food was eaten.  It rained the following day, but I tried to find the cat family again after that.

This was the closest I could get to the feral mama!  See her in the middle of the photo?  When I put out food again, it sat there all day and no one ate it.  I haven't seen any kitties in a week, although co-workers claim that they have.  But no kittens hanging out near that hole under the branches.

Some Cat Whisperer I am!  I scare 'em away!  Can only hope mama and babies show up again, so I can figure out a way to TNR the family.  There are many office buildings, an airstrip, a multi-acre park AND tons of wild areas nearby, so she's found an excellent locale to hide her babies in.  And I have no problem with that; I would simply like to end the cycle of kittens for her.  My guess is the kittens were about four or five weeks old...and cute as the dickens.

By the way, you all know that it's kitten season, right?  All those intact male cats and un-spayed females cause a virtual explosion of baby cats right now.  Your favorite animal rescue is buried under kittens, or will be very, very soon!  Help out, and donate some kitten food or your time, or adopt an older cat to help make way for the onslaught.  We all need some furry love!  Thank You!


  1. We bet if you keep putting out food, they will come back. May they all find their way to a great forever home.

  2. She just needs a bit of time I bet. You can't know what terribleness she might have had before finding that little den. She'll see soon enough you are a true friend to all cats!

  3. Hope this sweet momma eventually trusts you so you can end the cycle of litters. Would love to see the wee ones get furever homes, too :)

  4. guys....yur mom did de best her could....N blessings two her for tryin...

    thoze wee kittenz wooda ran frum EVEREE ONE....that we can guaranteez...

    hope her spotz em again......tell her ta keep sum toona handee !!

  5. It may be some of co-workers who scared them away. I hope the momma kitty will trust you and show up with her babies.

  6. I hope you can catch them too.

  7. We hope you can catch the mom and the kits. This time of year...kitten season...kinda makes us sad because of all the kits being born...and not enough homes for them.

  8. Thank you so much for trying to help your mama feral and kittens! Our mom used to do this too and is still on the lookout when she goes for walks. We hope this family will come to trust you enough so you can get them the help they need!


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