08 May, 2015

Sweetie's Anklet

Casual Sweetie
Sweetie has a bit of white fur that circles her back leg, as if she's wearing an anklet or bracelet.  She also has the same on one toe on her front foot, which looks like a ring!  Some day, I hope to get a photo of that front foot of Sweetie's, but although she's come a long way in the 'trusting humans' department, having a camera up close and personal is still not an option!

She is a sweetie, our little Sweetie!


  1. Her little ankle "bracelet" is mighty cute :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    Thank you for the purrs for Georgia.
    She is doing well!

  2. I didn't notice that, her anklet is super cute! I hope you can get the photo of her ring, too. She sure is fashionable lady :-)

  3. Sweetie is adorable-love the anklet :)

  4. my stars sweetie....this is SOOOOOOOO 22nd century fashion.....indeed you are FABulous ....hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

  5. What a beautiful fashion statement that would be for summer 2015! We'll get right on recreating that here and look for it to hit big for the fall fashion lineup!

  6. Not every kitty can boast such a fashion statement!

  7. Sweetie has beautiful black furs. Hopefully you'll be able to get a great photo of her bracelet & ring. Maybe a telephoto lens would work.

  8. Pretty markings! Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting over the past few weeks. Mom promises to get her act together and start visiting and commenting again. She is still blue over losing Lily.


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