Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Wish I could snap a photo of how the sound of the wind blowing around millions (zillions!) of maple tree samaras (propeller seeds) makes both Angel and Chucky get moon eyes!  The seeds are spinning and rustling and crackling everywhere, and with the windows open (yay!), the wind gusts and noises are a bit much for the kitties.  The samaras pelt the side of the house, and the windows, and they are stuck in the edges of everything outside: the gutters, the sidewalk, even getting stuck on the cars parked in the driveway.  They stick to our shoes, drop into pant cuffs, and end up everywhere.

Patty, sitting on my foot and samaras!
That cat!
Patty and Sweetie don't seem to care, even when the propellers propel themselves right into their food bowls!  And with the samaras, there is some sort of tree goo that has plopped little bits of sticky resin on the deck, upon which I sit to hang out with Patty and Sweetie.  I've had some stick in my hair, on the seat of my jeans, and of course both cats have some in their fur. Spring has sprung!


  1. Ick, I don't like sticky and I am sure the kitties don't like that on the fur. The helicopters are fun. Thank you for visiting us on our blogoversary and for your friendship. XO

  2. So that's what they are...samaras! We call them helicopters. And they're a pain in the you know what according to the mom.

  3. We get samaras a lot here, too. I let it propel and Goro tries to catch it :-) Patty is so cute sitting on your foot! Enjoy spring!

  4. When my mom was little, she and her friends would get the green ones, split them at the seed and stick them on their noses!

    Me, I just watch the fuzz drifting from the cottonwoods and have no compelling urge to wear any of it.

  5. I am with the Island Cats, I had no clue what they were called

  6. guys....de food serviss gurl N her friends used ta put em in bee tween ther thumbs N make em "whistle" course they used ta stix dandelionz under ther chinz two...if ther chinz terned yellow, ment they loved butter....♥

  7. We have those too but ours aren't sticky. That would be awful and we're sorry yours are. But what fun while they are flying through the air!


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