Thursday, October 29, 2015

Biting Heads Off

As I left the house this morning, for the drive to work, The Hubby looked at me square in the eyes and said, "Don't be like Patty O'Malley and bite someone's head off!"

Work has been a bit trying recently, so sometimes I'm the opposite of happy and bouncy, if you catch my drift.  And recently, we've witnessed Patty O'Malley in the yard, munching on...something.  He's still eating full meals (and treats!), and yet, he's ridding the world of many, MANY mice and birds.

I shot a video too, but it's much too graphic!  Who knew we had so many rodents around?  And now, when I call Patty 'Fatty Patty' because he's getting so BIG, it's not all my fault!

P.S. I promised not the 'be like Patty' today at the office!


  1. Haha, maybe the video is good for Halloween night :-)
    I hope your day at office is pleasant today!

  2. food servizz gurl comes home frum werk sum times with flames shootin outta her we noe what cha meen....N patty....we hope ta cod ya iz KNOT eatin bass terd burd ~~~~~♥♥♥

    1. We 'think' there may have been a bird, but the only evidence I've found so far was some sort of fuzzy rodent with a tail...eww

  3. This time of the year mice are hunting a warm place. That's probably why Patty is becoming a fatty. I do wish kitties would leave the birds alone, though :(

  4. Our Mom comes home cranky from work some days too. Patty... well... Patty is doing what an outside kitteh was designed to do.

  5. I am glad you didn't bite anyone's head off :) Sorry work is stressful.

  6. Patty looks like he's enjoying his snack. :)

  7. Hope your day was calmer! And tomorrow is Friday!

    Does Patty realize his secret is out?

  8. remind me not to come to close to you! MOL MOL!!

  9. Biting a colleague's head off is never looked upon kindly.
    Can Patty come to my house? We all heard something under the house last night and suspect it's a mouse. I'm sure Patty could hunt the little vermin down and put the bitey on him.


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