Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Time To Change The Straw

While The Hubby was cutting up the fallen Maple branch in the backyard the weekend, I decided it was a great time to replace the straw in The Cat Hotel and Mama's Place.  I swept everything out, made repairs where needed, added the warming pad to the bottom floor of The Cat Hotel, and tidied everything up again.  I also sprinkle a small amount of diatomaceous earth in the corners, to eliminate any insects that want to set up house too.

I do this twice a year, spring and fall.  In past years, I've worried myself sick, thinking the 'O' Cats might run away or refuse to use the shelters because I've messed with them, but so far, they've come right back.  You see, when Mama's House was built in 2009, no cat used it for years!  It wasn't until I was volunteering at a TNR class, when it finally dawned on me that straw was the reason; The Hubby had talked me out of putting straw in!  That day, I filled Mama's House with straw, and BOOM...cats inside that night. That'll teach me...

Mama's House, with fresh straw.
Notice the insulation sandwiched on all four walls.

Originally built in 2009, Mama's House was designed from
Alley Cat Allies instructions.  

Last year, one corner of Mama's House roof was broken;
Looks like a feral cat ear tip!

The Cat Hotel, with the second floor pulled out.
We originally designed this for three friendly ferals, but after
Sammy's passing, we cut a piece of insulation board to cover the
extra second floor entrance and removed the divider.
Usually, Patty takes the second floor,
while Sweetie uses the first, which is where the warming pad is.
Warming pad, with protective leg-o-jeans covering.
Always remember to make sure it's working BEFORE
filling The Cat Hotel with straw...just sayin'


  1. You are taking such great care of your kitties! They are so lucky to have a warm, comfy place to stay :-)

  2. patty & sweetie...yur cat condo iz total lee rockin....itz mega kewl oh chuck & angel's mom & dad to look out for ewe both.....♥♥♥

  3. We'd say your outdoorsy felines are well cared for, even if they never find their way inside the big house.

  4. That is such a great spot for the outdoor kitties.

  5. Wow, I think *I* want a house like that!!

  6. That is a nice set up. Maybe you could add some catnip to attract them?

  7. The O cats have a wonderful, warm house to winter in. They're very lucky to have you taking care of them.

  8. looks like a great setup! keeping those ferals dry and toasty warm, can't beat that! I started using straw in my feral houses but then switched to fleece, as I found it easier to work with and clean and it stays warm when damp. I think the cats are just happy to have warm, dry place to sleep!


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