Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bacon Balls

"I want food, not pills!"

Chuck's daily medicine; these are little tiny pills!

Bacon Balls
The manufacturer knows NOTHING about this post!

Chuck gets a lot of meds each day:

1 capsule of Budesonide, an anti-inflammatory for his intestines
1/4 pill Plavix, blood thinner
1/2 pill Lasix, twice a day; diuretic
1/2 pill Enalapril, twice a day; blood pressure reducer

At first, we used those pill pocket things, but Chuck refused to eat them after awhile, so we ended up simply pilling Chuck.  Erm...um...The Hubby does all the pilling; there is no 'we' about it!  

Then, I discovered pill masker while reading a comment on a blog (thank you, whoever you are!), and ordered some online.  It is like edible Play Doh; you simply pinch off any amount, since it's really pliable.  Wrap the stuff around the pills, and you've got a nice brown bacon ball. Well, it SAYS it's bacon-flavored, and it certainly smells like it!  Voila!

Chuck loved his bacon balls; I'd roll everything up before each meal, and he'd chomp away (even the capsule!)  But then, one day, he bit into the Plavix, and he spit that bacon ball out and foamed at the mouth.  I tried again, but he was done.  That pill must be bitter.  So, now I make the bacon ball and hand it to The Hubby, who drops it down Chuck's gullet. Just to be fair, I make a smallish no-pill bacon ball for Angel to eat at the same time.  She eats hers.

I have no photo of a bacon ball to show; it looks like a piece of poop on camera!  I've also discovered that I can get pill masker at one local pet food box store; it's pricier than online, but no shipping.  And luckily, Chuck doesn't seem to hold his twice-a-day pilling as a grudge against The Hubby (or me, for that matter!)  He does get pretty elusive, however...see him hiding in the first photo?


  1. we have seen something similar that one of our friends used...something to consider if mom ever has to pill the wild orange cat who lives here

  2. dood...we heer ya....gram paw dude finded out quik lee bout de stuff that was hidin in de pill pocketz & ree fuzed em.....then de food servizz gurl thinked her waz smart & used ta give him an emptee pill pocket aza treet.....no dice ~~
    best fishes buddy ~~~ ♥♥♥

  3. Poor Chuck, that is a lot of medicine. Sorry he caught on to you with the bacon balls.

  4. The mom has used the pill paste stuff for us. It was beef flavored though. I like it...but Wally still turned his nose up to it. ~Ernie

  5. I feel for the poor guy, all those pills. And you too. We have reduced my mom to tears sometimes with pills. But the bacon stuff sure sounds good. We'll have to keep that in mind if we ever need it.

  6. Good boy Chuck is...taking all those pills. I've never heard of pill maker before. Gotta check it out!


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