Friday, October 2, 2015

Purple Paw Prints

A purple paw print!
More purple!
Squashed berries
Severed branch of the dreaded pokeweed!
The neighbors had a huge pokeweed (or pokeberry) tree-like bush growing in their garden. Pokeweed is great food for many of Mother Nature's critters, but it's highly poisonous to humans, and especially children who are drawn to it's rich, shiny berries.  The neighbor cut down this bush yesterday, and dragged it away.  However, one severed branch and many berries ended up in our yard.  I didn't worry about it, since I know Patty and Sweetie would stay away from anything that would make them sick, and yet this morning there were purple paw prints on the front porch!  I chased down Patty, who I was sure was the purple culprit, and I checked him out thoroughly to make sure he was not in danger of ingesting any of the stuff. I inspected his paws, and gave him a good snuggle to let him know I want him to take care of himself!
Patty this morning
He appears to be fine!  Maybe Patty has a future as an artist, like Quint at Colehaus Cats!


  1. Oh, that would be pawsome - two feline artistes in the CB!

  2. I think he would be a great graffiti artist :) I am glad he didn't get sick from the berries.

  3. Glad to see Patty was happy & healthy. I've heard of livestock getting sick from eating the plants. It's good that the worst part of Patty's encounter was temporarily colorful paws.

  4. Sounds like Patty had fun painting! Glad he seems fine :-)

  5. Maybe he was just having a Prince moment. ;-)

  6. dood...yea, de onlee kinda berreez ya wanna eat R like pie onez.....pumpkin pie any one !!!~~~ ♥♥♥


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