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Trip Recap: Bath and Avebury

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Bath is a remarkable city; we took a train from London, which lasted less than 2 hours.  Bath is known for it's semi-circle buildings, of which the most famous is the Royal Crescent; architect Christopher Wren, who built many important UK buildings.  

The Circus, in Bath

Hot air ballooning is
a favorite pass time in Bath
We rented an apartment for the two days we were in Bath, with it's own garden and private entrance.  It had a full kitchen, a shower room, a full bathroom, and a lavatory just off the foyer.  All of the pleasures of home!
Our apartment, above the art gallery

This was our private garden
Of course, we made a tour of the Roman Bath, that has been carefully preserved.  The water is no longer healthy for humans, since bacteria has infiltrated the underground spring.  The Romans used the baths for business, pleasure, and felt it was necessary for healthy living.  The entire ancient complex is quite large, however much of it was built upon long ago.  

Ancient Roman Bath

Roman Statues

Notice how the walkway is suspended above
the old stones

On our last day in Bath, Sunday, one sister and niece attended a service at Bath Abbey, other sister and niece visited with friends (who recommended Bath as a destination and they were RIGHT!), so I nabbed a quick train to Swindon, then a short bus ride to Avebury Henge and Stone Circles.  Avebury is only upstaged by Stonehenge in the minds of the average person, but Avebury is accessible; you can touch the stones, walk the entire perimeter, and feel the power for the formations!  I took many photos, but you cannot grasp the size of the monoliths unless you are there.  I've included some images taken from an old travel brochure too, so you can get a sense of the scope.  Look, there is an entire village in the middle of it...that's one big, honking circle!

This grouping in the old guide...

...and my photo!
The couple standing in front give you a sense of size

Map of Avebury
Standing stone
From the guide

It was fantastic!

Many folks had tried to dissuade us from visiting Stonehenge, saying you only get to see the remaining stones (you know that many have disappeared or fallen over in the past thousand years?) from a walkway.  Seeing Stonehenge was important to me, being an archaeologist and historian, but wait...I can walk up and TOUCH the stones at Avebury?!?  'Nuff SAID!  And what a beautiful day I had; truly, one of the highlights of the entire trip for me.


  1. What an awesome post! We had no idea about Stonehenge and we'd be right with you on wanting to touch the stones!

  2. Just got caught up on your trip posts! Thank you for sharing the pictures! What a great trip!

  3. I wonder if peeps will EVER figure out all there is to figure out 'bout those stones. We cats know, OF COURSE, but it's not like we're into tellin'. PURRS

  4. What a pawsome place to visit ! Thanks for sharing your photos ! Purrs

  5. guyz....pleez ta tell mom we said thanx for sharin !!!! itz nice ta bee abe bull ta see placez we will never get ta see...thoz stonez bee EIPC :) ♥♥☺☺

  6. It's great that you made this trip! And if seeing the stones was important to you, then it's worth it! Neat pix.

  7. My human is envious that you got to see Stonehenge!

  8. Wow, that sure sounds like a great trip and that you got to see some wonderful things. Those pictures are just the best.

  9. OH my cats we are caught up with your trip posts.
    So does porridge taste like Oatmeal?
    Were you 4 lovely ladies on a self guided tour or with a group?
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. That looks like a wonderful time and it's super cool you got to see Stonehenge!

  11. What a great visit. The mom remembers going to Bath.

  12. Wonderful photos. Did you know Nicolas Cage has a home in Bath? :)

  13. Wow I can't believe what a wonderful trip you guys had! I really want to go to Bath

  14. We'd never heard of Avebury henge before--how fascinating! And how cool that you got to visit!

  15. That's some serious history there. Mom never heard of Avebury either.

  16. Gosh...the memories your photos have brought back! I would move to Bath in minute! I must say I have enjoyed all your posts about your trip. What a wonderful trip! THanks for sharing.
    Love Barb

  17. I never heard of Avebury before, that's cool that you can be that close to the stones.

  18. Great photos from your trip. The green bath water looks uninviting. Very cool that you get to touch the stones at Avebury.

  19. That's amazing! I didn't know anything about Avebury, but it's now on my top places to see someday.

  20. Avenbury sounds cool! I've always wanted to go to Bath. Love that you had your own garden :)

  21. So cool! Bath is also a place I would love to visit. And what a great idea to rent an apartment there! :)

  22. I went to Bath and Stonehenge back when I was in high school. I'm sure I'd probably appreciate it much more now as an adult. Great photos and love your trip recaps.


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