Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trip Recap: What I Brought

Trip Recap starts here: I'm Back!!!

Just because I didn't see any cats while in The UK, doesn't mean they didn't come with me...sorta!  I wore my house-and-cat earrings during the entire trip, and carried two cat totes; one for ease of packing, and the second is my every day, carry-all.  Both totes were gifts.  "All You Need Is Love And A Cat" tote was given to me by DY, and the Laurel Burch Twin Cat tote from BG!

This set of earrings was purchased long ago,
at a now defunct store, that carried items for
cats, for cat people, was a cat boarding business,
AND a cat rescue!  I miss that place!

A gift while on last year's trip
to Minneapolis

BG knows what I like!  Yeah, it's gained a few
marks and stains, but it's tough and big enough for my junk!

The rest of my wardrobe consisted of: short and long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans and pedal pushers, fleece pullovers, hats, good walking shoes, and scarves!  I was at first intimidated with my clothing choices, believing that the good folk of London were always in the highest of fashion, but it quickly became apparent that comfort is king...unless you are a 20-something clubbing female!  Which is pretty far off the mark to me; crazy lady with cats, who's head was on a swivel as I tried to get an eyeful of everything.  My tote allowed me to carry water, handfuls of raw almonds or sunflower seeds, mints, maps, bus passes, my arm sling (wore my left hand and wrist in the brace ALL OF THE TIME), and a pullover, if needed.  Also was a terrific place to carry my purchases, of which there were many...and to be revealed in future posts.


  1. I love everything you have and I know I will love everything your bought. SO glad it was enjoyable and you're back in one piece. The babies must have been so glad to see you.

  2. Those were sure some cool finds! We didn't know you liked kitty merchandise MOL!

  3. We're sure all those you came in contact with realized what a cat lover you are!

  4. Comfort is *always* king! We think you packed things that were just right.

    Pee Ess. Our mom thought she was the only one on earth who says "pedal pushers"!

  5. I love both of your bags--have not seen a black and white Laurel Burch cat bag before.

  6. Love those bags and earrings! EPIC!!!

  7. Love the earrings, love the bags, love, love, love!

  8. The one time I went to London, I travelled from hot, windy, dusty southern Alberta and found London those two weeks to be hot, windy and dusty... No rain...


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