Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Bill to Ban Declaw Surgery in Michigan to be Introduced!

"Urgent! State of Michigan Representative Nate Shannon will be introducing a bill this Thursday that would ban declawing surgery in Michigan, but he needs your help!

The more co-sponsors a bill has, the more likely it is to become law. Representatives can sign up to co-sponsor the bill TODAY (2/12).

Please call your representative TODAY and let them know that you and your organization would like them to cosponsor Rep. Shannon’s declaw ban. Please share with your Rep how you have seen the negative effects of declawing and would love to see it outlawed in Michigan."

Find your representative here:

Information from Michigan Pet Fund Alliance @

Paws Need Claws!

The Great State of Michigan is a hotbed of declawing, and we need it to STOP!

Reach out to:

for more information about ending this barbarous veterinary practise.



  1. Yes stop the declawing. I agree.

    Have a purrfect day, you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. That would sure be a wonderful thing!

  3. CB and Manny those are some mighty fine paws with claws too
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Declawing is evil!

    We shared your post to raise awareness xx

  5. Chili Bruce and Manny! YOU are right as rain!!!!

  6. I once declawed a cat a lifetime ago. Worst mistake I ever made.

  7. I hope your state bans declawing, it is so awful. I truly think people that do that to cats should have to have the first joint on all their fingers removed.

  8. It is an awful practice. I hope it gets worldwide ban. Did I tell you the we watched a long movie, a documentary about how we all need to stop eating fish? The cats are now off fish and on chicken and turkey mostly. They don't seem to mind. I just feel better doing this small thing

  9. Oh, if I lived in MI, I would be totally callin' everyone! It's illegal here in CA, and Ma was all overs the Reps to sign that bill! I gots my paws crossed that it passes!!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. I agree it's an awful practice. At the same time, I have wondered on occasion if it's better than a kitty not having a home. But still... ~shudders~ I would never declaw a cat.

    By the way, I appreciated your information about Sweetest Day and have to say, if you ever head this way to visit your sister, maybe we could have lunch or something. :) My husband and I live just off I-75 between Dayton and Middletown.

    1. That sounds lovely! I've actually wanted to tour Wright-Patterson AFB, plus visit the Wescott House and Dark Star Books (because they have two cats...)


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