19 February, 2020

As Seen On The Road #2

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Snapped this image while on 14 Mile Road in Madison Heights, Michigan.

I am drawn to cat images, wherever I am.

And of course, there are tons of lions, tigers, and cheetah images everywhere.

This logistics firm's logo is probably is a stylized lion, jumping through a hoop.

Yet, the cat lover in me snapped to attention, while making my way to the office in The Cat Car II.

I hope that one day, no living lion, tiger, elephant, or any other creature has to endure training to entertain humans; it's cruel.



  1. We always notice things like that too and we hope your wish comes true!

  2. Great shot WTG. I too am drawn to anything with cats. Like today there was a lingerie sale at Belk 50% off everything. There were 2 styles of pjs with kitties all over them both were in XXL. I actually looked at them to see if I could alter them. I like my PJs roomy but not that roomy
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I agree about animal training for our entertainment. It is cruel. Not what they were meant for.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. There is a Panther Express here in Ohio - not that far from you.

  5. Mom always notices cat themed things too. She has felines on the brain!

  6. We hope no a animals ever have to travel that way. It must be so scary.

  7. This logo is interesting. But you're right, I also hope that no animal will "serve" people in any way.

  8. I'm with you on that. Our big cat cousins were NOT put on this Earth for entertainment. If peeps want entertainment, they should dance and prance around themselves. MOUSES!

  9. That's a nice find on the road! I agree with you about wild animals and entertainment.

  10. That is a great wish and we like that you shared this logo with us

  11. Cats are so beautifully designed, why wouldn't folks use them for logos? I'm sharing your wish today and every day.


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