01 November, 2014

That darn hour!

My backyard

Can't see the walkway!

Angel in her new sleeping place (The hubby's coat)

Chucky's found a new box to nap in
Ever since we've been owned by cats, this weekend is a trial for me.  How do you tell them that their meals are now an hour later?!?  I start to fret a week early, planning out how to move their meals back a few minutes every day...until Sunday when the clocks change.  HA!  Whoever planned Daylight Savings Time and continues to carry it out, obviously does NOT have pets!  At least the 'o' cats cannot give me any hassle, but I see them sitting out there...waiting...for me to show with their food, and I feel like a royal heel.  The hubby laughs at me, and tells me the cats will forget it all within a few minutes.  I do not agree.  Nope, the extra hour kills me every year!

Yesterday, I used a Friday vacation day, and stayed up really, REALLY late on Thursday night watching hours of dreck on TV.  Then...I slept in!  Amazing, right?  I rarely EVER sleep in, because Angel is our alarm clock.  But somehow, she either didn't try hard enough, or I was able to ignore.  Voila!  Every one's breakfast was late on Friday, and then the same thing happened Saturday morning.  I took advantage, and moved all meals back one hour, including lunch snacks and dinners.  Therefore, this Sunday will be the first time in a decade that 'FALL BACK' doesn't give me ulcers. Wonder what's on TV tonight?


  1. Good job on the accidental time adjustment! Everyone (human and furry) seems a bit off kilter for a week or so when the time changes. I wish we'd do away with it.

  2. I love all the leaves. Currently in western michigan and enjoying all the leaves everywhere! We don't have 'real' trees in the northwest where I live. And those are some beautiful kitties! Enjoy the timey wimey crazy change! Uff.

  3. Excellent (non) planning! Good luck with breakfast tomorrow!

  4. I feel your pain! Adjusting our clock is easy but not kitty tummy clock :-)
    But you got to adjust successfully this year! Yay!
    The photos of leaves are beautiful. Lovey autumn colors!

  5. I wish my mom would plan like you did. I am the only one who has to wait for food because of my diet, so already it was an hour late this morning! It's just lucky for her that I am the quietest boy ever.

    Love your leaf photos!

  6. That worked out well. My hubby gets up at 7 and I get up at 7:30 so at 6:10 they started their trouble-scratching bureaus,knocking stuff over and pulling back the shade.

  7. We hope that worked for you. We still wanted to be fed an hour earlier...but what was really our normal time.

  8. guys....we heer ya....wait an hour when we iz starvin... like we haz knot had food in five minits in de fall...... N in de spring they bee shovin a dish under R nozes.... at like 3:12 when it's onlee 2:12 N we iz still sufferin stomach fullnezz frum lunch that was at 2:05.....


    ta day lite savins time

  9. Look at all the leaves!!!!! Purrfect for jumping around in! You have one clever and dedicated mummy!! Nice box Chucky, is there room for Angel in there too?!


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