30 October, 2014

Farewell, George

In 2008, when the security guards told me that someone had dumped a cat in the office parking lot, I searched for two days before I found him...and fed him my tuna sandwich. Every day before work, on my lunch break, and before I drove away for the day, I'd sit with George at the edge of the parking lot, on the walking path in the field.  It took many months, and several different humane traps, to finally transport George to the veterinarian, and to his forever home.  A whole group of co-workers and very friendly neighbors (P & M, you know who you are!) donated food, money, and/or their time to making sure George was cared for.  Sadly, George's family discovered that he was very sick, and last week, they showed their love for him by helping him discard his damaged body.  He had six good years with them, especially R with whom he was closely bonded.  

I cried when P and I delivered George to his new family, and I cried when I heard the news that he was gone.  We never knew if he was a stray or someones pet, but he had love and family, and I am so grateful for that.

George was named for the security guard who kept insisting that I name the cat, instead of saying 'the cat'.  I did not WANT to name him, because I foolishly believed I could stay unemotional that way.  HAH!  Finally, George the security guard demanded a name, so I said "He's George Junior, after you!"  Also, George the cat was polydactyl, at least on his front paws.  The top two photos were taken when George first arrived in the parking lot; the next two were when George and I romped together, and the last one was sent by his humans after he'd settled in.

Farewell, George
Purrs to R and the family


pilch92 said...

Such sad news about George leaving this world so soon. I am glad he left knowing what it feels like to be loved.

Ivan from WMD said...

We are sorry George had to fly away. You know, though, that he never would have had the loving family he had had you not found him first. You did beyond right for him.

Furries said...

We're glad you got to keep track of George and know what became of him. You saved him from a life of uncertainty and got him into a good home where he would enjoy the rest of his life. You have our sympathies for your loss.

Tamago said...

I am so sorry George had to leave. But he was so lucky to be rescued by you, and he had his forever home and loving family. Love the story how he got name. Sending purrs and warm thoughts to you and his family.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

God's speed to you George; our sincerest sympathies to your family and friends...we hope they all know...could you speak, you would say thanx; everyone; for everything...I love each and everyone one of you as well ~~



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I am so desperately sorry....what a beautiful story (((hugs)))