Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Angel's Toy

I'm Angel, the Kitty Play Girl!
Finally found a toy that Angel likes!  Angel lurvs her boxes, and you see in the second photo that she lays around in them all of the time.  Well, this snakey toy can easily be wrapped around the box, then pulled slowly...and quickly...so it makes a rasping noise against the cardboard.  That's when Angel pounces!  The plume of feathers on the end is her prey, and I drag it along the outside of the box while she attacks it.  Great fun!

And Thanks To All, for sending purrs for Patty's itchies and Chucky's boo-boo foot!


  1. Angel and I like the same toys! I also like little balls that I can bat around the house. They can't make noise though...noisy toys scare me.

  2. I have a toy like that, too...only I bit the feathers off it ages ago!

  3. angel....we say cut de BURD featherz off ther N ya got a toy that iz better N 833% !!!

  4. That looks a fun toy! Glad she is having so much fun with you and the toy :-)

  5. Wow!
    Angel we are so glad you found an awesome new toy!
    the kitty brats

  6. We have a couple of snakey toys like that and we love them!

  7. Angel - yer whisker humps take my breath away!


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