Sunday, October 5, 2014

Moochy Neighbor

Aries with me

Watching the food bowls carefully

Our neighbor's have a sweet kitty named Aries, who has used our backyard as part of his territory for years.  He's gotten to know our routines so well, that he shows up for breakfast and dinner as if he was one of the gang!  He growls a lot, but I've learned that it's just a pose; his ears never go back and he loves a cuddle.  When I set out bowls of food for Patty O'Malley and Sweetie, Aries runs right up in hopes of scoring food for himself.  I try to draw him off with kibble away from the deck, because that growling puts Sweetie off of her meal, but he often finishes that amount and comes back in for more.  His family treats him very well, so this isn't a new feral or stray situation; it's just a cat taking advantage!  May have to change my feeding schedule, to see if I can get a full meal into the two 'o' cats before Aries the Mooch appears.  Heck, he's probably been licking out their bowls for years, at least since 2009 when Sweetie first appeared in our yard.  It was cool and raining this morning at 7:00 a.m., but Aries was waiting for me!  I even picked him up, cooing and petting him, and deposited him in his own yard, but he ran right back before me!  Oh well, what's a few kibble between friends?  It's the neighborly thing to do!


  1. Oh my that is too cute!!!!! What a great sport you are! Maybe he wants to move in with you? You probably have better food! :)

  2. It's sweet that Aries comes over for attention and food. Do you think he likes your food more? Hopefully he's getting enough love at his house that he's not coming to you for basic cuddling. Some cats can never get enough, and if that's the case he's lucky to have such an accommodating neighbor.

  3. Aries is such a cute kitty. And a bit of moochy! Maybe your food taste better :-)

  4. dood...ewe iz one smart kitteh !!!! ♥♥♥♥ happee week a head & heerz ta 15 mor dinnerz ☺

  5. I bet that cutie's real name is Hoover. We have one too but we call him Ivan!


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