04 October, 2014

Cat Therapy

Angel in her petting place

I'll admit it...it was a rough work week!  I just about lost it on Friday; that feeling that I could not take one more second of working without my head exploding!  Just an eyelash away from breaking down into sobs and screaming.  Even the hubby was feeling blue and downtrodden by the seemingly glacial pace of one of his projects.

Then...therapy in the form of cats came to the rescue!  Sweet Angel, purred and twisted in her favorite box to get maximum coos and pets by her humans.  Chucky meowed and insinuated himself on us, as we sat and watched the TV.  Outside, Patty won't remain separated from me, and Sweetie even rubbed against my ankles for the very first time!

Patty, giving some lurv; he seems to enjoy licking my hair!

So yeah, stuff happens, but it's surely FANTASTIC to have some cuddle buddies (or four...) to put things back into perspective.  Who cares what happened at the office, when you've got furry friends to purr you back to happy!?!  


Tamago said...

Awww cat therapy is the best! No matter how rough the work was, once I'm home and get furry love, all the stress goes away :-)

Ivan from WMD said...

We've rescued our mom on bad days too. It's part of our job description!

Louche Tabby said...

I think Patty is Mousie's double!